Shipping from Australia to China – A House In a Container

Shipping from Australia to China happens daily. When driving over the Bolte Bridge in Melbourne and seeing shipping containers stacked up on top of one another in the shipping yard: Have you ever wondered what else they could they be used for except for being filled with all kinds of things and put on a vessel and shipped all around the World?

Yes? No? Not really….Well I have, but more so after Across the Ocean Shipping were shipping from China to Australia, the cargo: ‘container houses’ .

The more I look at house prices the more I think living in a shipping container might be economical.

So where and how do I buy a shipping container?  Online of course – 20ft or 40ft, available in a variety of colours; red, blue, green, orange and yellow and various shades of these colours too; the thought of recycling a shipping container and living in it sounds fun!

I’m sure there’s some practicalities that come with living in a recycled shipping container that aren’t so exciting but what about the history and the story behind the shipping container?  In a day and age where “travelling” , “seeing the World” and “living out of a backpack” are regular additions to a person’s CV I think a shipping container would have a pretty impressive list of places seen and challenges overcome.

Just today our International Freight Forwarders here at Across the Ocean Shipping are organising imports and exports all over the world, the goods ranging from coffee beans to fence panels.  These are being packed into shipping containers and heading off to a far away country to be unpacked and delivered at their destination.  These shipping containers are coming from and going to Brazil, USA, Oman, Vietnam, UK, Mauritius, Hong Kong, China, India and Malaysia to name just a few.

Imagine seeing the Gateway to India when sailing into Mumbai or sailing alongside 10 mile beach to enter Port Dickson in Malaysia, if shipping containers had eyes they would see the wonder of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the Opera House – what a view to see during your working day.

Who can say they’ve sailed across thousands of miles of water including the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean –  also millions of shipping containers will pass through the Panama Canal each year which is considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

Now I wouldn’t mind living in a shipping container with an impressive travel story behind it like that.

Renee Laverne