Freight Forwarder Melbourne – Across the Ocean Shipping

Within the 7 and a half minutes it took me to load the washing machine and make breakfast on this mild winter morning in Melbourne Australia, I realised that using a freight forwarder is a very useful thing.

Just this morning whilst checking the washing instructions on some well loved well worn clothes I read ‘made in Cambodia’ and ‘made in China’ – almost all the clothes in the wardrobes at home are ‘made in somewhere other than where I live’.

Even the washing machine that washes my Chinese and Cambodian made clothes is manufactured in Germany.

Breakfast consists of porridge (Aussie Made!) with berries and chia seeds…mmm where are chia seeds from?  Mexico.

So that’s my clothes, my washing machine and a third of my breakfast that hasn’t been made, sourced or manufactured in Australia hence my original questions and a few more important ones;

How do these things get here and who sorts all that ‘stuff’ out?

Well it’s thanks to Freight Forwarders like Across the Ocean Shipping that I can enjoy my tablespoon of chia seeds on my porridge every morning, from the initial quote given to the consignee who wants to import their goods into Australia which includes – packing costs, completion of commercial documents, delivery to first carrier, inland delivery to the vessel or aircraft, wharfage costs, Customs Brokerage Charges, completion of transport documents, carriage and freight charges, Insurance fees, delivery to destination and then ALL this being organised by Freight Forwarding Operators at Across the Ocean Shipping that it ends up in our shops here in Australia for us to enjoy on a daily basis.

No wonder then with so much International Trade between countries and people re locating all over the world needing personal effects shipping to their new home Freight Forwarders like here at Across the Ocean Shipping in Melbourne are busy tapping away on keyboards filling out documents and emailing clients, making phone calls making sure we can all have a super food filled start to each day!

Renee Laverne